Wind, water and time have sculptured Tooele County, Utah’s 7,000 square miles into high mountains, deep canyons, broad valleys and endless deserts. Across this vast and geologically diverse terrain are miles of multi-purpose trails that offer exciting and crowd-free adventure for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, road cycling and ATV riding.

The Tooele County Trails Committee, under the auspices of the Tooele County Commission and the Tooele County Department of Parks and Recreation, has created this website to inform the outdoor enthusiast about eastern Tooele County’s best multi-purpose trails and road cycling routes.

The 20 trails and routes on this site represent only a fraction of the available areas in eastern Tooele County. They are listed here because the Tooele County Trails Committee has inventoried each one, determined GPS waypoints, and has installed and maintains trail signage. The trails are also officially recognized by Tooele County as open for the public’s enjoyment. This website is a work-in-progress. As other trails are inventoried, they will be added. A hard copy map of this website is also available and can be found at brochure racks.


Every multi-purpose trail described on this website runs across both public and private lands. Public and private lands are not delineated through which each trail passes. To respect the rights of private property owners, please stay on designated trails. Failure to do so is trespassing, and jeopardizes every trail’s future use. Public lands include the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and the State of Utah.

Private lands include single owners to corporations.


The Tooele County Commission, Tooele County Department of Parks and Recreation, the Tooele County Trails Committee, and Transcript Bulletin Publishing assume no responsibility for personal injury, damage to property, or violation of the law in connection with the public use of this map.


Trail users are reminded that metal or wooden trail signs, and carsonite route markers, can be vandalized and/or stolen at any time. Instances may occur where directional signage is missing at a key trail intersection or feature. In those instances, please carefully use the trail narratives, GPS waypoints, and distance between waypoints published here. Also, please remember that published GPS waypoints may not precisely match with your GPS device’s readings.

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