Residents and visitors who use Tooele County’s trails and routes are advised that glass containers are prohibited on public lands. Violators face Class B Misdemeanor charges, which may include up to a $500 fine, and one year in jail.


Trail users are encouraged to report negligent or criminal activity to the Tooele County Sheriff’s Department at 435-882-5600. Such activity may include trespassing, unlawful discharge of firearms, dumping of trash, glass containers on public lands, etc. Anyone who observes such activity is asked not to confront the person or persons involved.

Instead, get detailed information, i.e. vehicle type and paint color, license plate numbers (if applicable), and physical description of the perpetrator/s. The Tooele County Commission offers a $500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of criminal activity on any of its trails or routes.


Due to limited funding and staffing, maintaining eastern Tooele County’s trails is a challenging task. To help, the Tooele County Trails Committee encourages individuals, families, organizations and businesses to participate in the county’s “Adopt-A-Trail” program. Volunteers help maintain trails in a variety of ways, from clearing of winter fall (trees, branches, etc.) to replacing stolen or vandalized trail signage. For more information, or to join, please call the Tooele County Commission office at


This website has a companion publication called the “Tooele County Trail Map,” which is available at local brochure racks, Tooele County Corporation, the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, or at Transcript Bulletin Publishing.


Tooele County Sheriff’s Department:
911 or 435-882-5600

Tooele City Police Department:
911 or 435-882-8900

Grantsville City Police Department:
911 or 435-884-6881

Tooele County Search and Rescue:
911 or 4335-882-5600

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